You might be wondering if traditional braces are a better fit for your needs than clear aligners. Choosing between the two depends on your specific case — traditional braces handle more complex cases, while Invisalign is effective for mild to moderate cases. Our expert for Invisalign in Tujunga, CA, will explain more considerations here.

Treatment Differences

Severe misalignments or jaw abnormalities generally require traditional braces. While not as discreet, traditional braces are tried-and-true, extremely effective, smaller, and more comfortable than ever before. You can rest assured that this treatment will adjust your teeth perfectly and give you the smile you want!

You can expect nothing less than your ideal smile at the end of Invisalign treatment (for mild to moderate cases with 100% compliance). If you meet the criteria and choose clear aligners for your treatment, you will enjoy numerous benefits, including easy brushing and flossing, fewer orthodontic appointments, discretion, and shorter treatment times.

Your Unique Needs

Simple orthodontic cases involving slightly crooked or gapped teeth can be easily addressed with Invisalign. Aligners may not work for patients with complex issues, extra teeth, or severe overbites or underbites — for these issues, you will generally need traditional braces. While this is disappointing to many patients, providing you with optimal orthodontic health for a straight, beautiful smile is our top priority!

Aligner Care & Compliance

If you are a candidate for Invisalign, you must comply with a strict schedule. While the aligners are convenient and removable, they still need to be worn for 22 hours per day to be effective — but it may be tempting to leave them out. Additionally, you will need to brush your teeth after each meal as well as the aligners to prevent bacteria from building up inside the trays, which can cause cavities and staining.

Traditional braces are a better option if you don’t want to worry about carrying around supplies to brush your trays or believe you will experience the temptation to leave the aligners out, rendering them ineffective.

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