The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to changes in the way dental and orthodontic offices operate, including measures to increase cleanliness, screening procedures, and having fewer patients in the office at a time. Many people also have questions about managing their ongoing orthodontic treatment with Invisalign during this time. Our orthodontist near Burbank, CA, offers some helpful guidelines for you below.

General Advice

Since the best idea is to limit outside contact as much as possible and minimize visits to the office, try to be extra careful when taking care of your aligners as well as your overall dental health. Always brush and floss twice a day, clean and brush your aligners frequently, and make sure that you wear your aligners for the recommended 22 hours to ensure your treatment is progressing.

Additionally, wash your hands as frequently as possible, both before and after removing and replacing your aligners. The nature of Invisalign treatment is that you put your hands in your mouth to remove the aligners to eat or brush your teeth, which can lead to germs getting on other surfaces or back into your mouth. Keep everything clean and always have hand sanitizer on you in case you have to remove the aligners for any reason.

Time-Sensitive Concerns with Invisalign

If you lose your aligners or run out of aligners, please call us to schedule a pickup or schedule a follow-up appointment to get a new set. Always throw your old aligners away and do not leave them on surfaces where others can touch them.

Other Orthodontic Considerations

If you have finished your orthodontic treatment and are currently wearing a retainer to preserve your straight smile, clean it more frequently (both before and after using it). Also, be aware of where you set your retainer and your retainer case. Make sure that you clean your case often and especially if you touch it after going outside.

If you are feeling sick and have an appointment scheduled with our office, call us to reschedule and contact your medical provider for advice.

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