If you or your child has a habit of eating sugary treats or drinking soda, it is critical that you take extra steps to maintain a good dental hygiene regimen! Sugar is one of the main causes of cavities, and certain treats can also lead to issues for those wearing braces, including not only tooth decay, but damage to the braces as well. Our orthodontist near Burbank, CA, offers some advice on how to brush away sugar and properly care for your teeth.

Good Dental Hygiene

The number one thing you can do to prevent tooth decay and preserve dental health is to brush and floss. After eating or drinking something sugary, make sure to rinse and brush your teeth to wash away the sugar. Sugar feeds the decay-causing bacteria in the mouth, so the longer it sits on the teeth before being brushed away, the more likely it is to feed a growing cavity. If you have braces, make sure to use a small brush to get between the wires and possibly a water pick to rinse out any debris.

Types Of Candies

Certain types of candy or treats can cause more damage than others. Chocolate is a good choice, as it is the easiest to fully brush away and doesn’t stick to the teeth. However, hard, chewy, and sticky candies are not compatible with braces and should be avoided completely — and even without braces, the residue from these is the hardest to brush and floss away, so they should be limited.

Go for Regular Exams

If you or your child consume a lot of sugar (especially with braces) you should come in for regular checkups to ensure that you don’t have any cavities forming and that your teeth and gums are in good condition. Exams are an important part of keeping your mouth healthy!

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